When I moved to New York, I was so worried finding a company that can efficiently set up my expensive home theater systems. One of my friends referred me to this company; they did a tremendous job in just few hours. I was so excited that after their courteous technicians left, I could sit, relax, and enjoy my giant entertainment system.

Artist, Song Writer


I was travelling to Mexico and dropped my iPhone, which ended up with no screen at all. When I stopped at Secure Solutions to get it fix, they simply provided me a brand new phone at no cost. I just couldn’t imagine how my trip would’ve been without my iPhone.

Few days later, I got back to their location; they gave me my iPhone which looked like new. These guys are just awesome! Secure Solutions saved me time and money. Above all, they helped me catch my flight on time.

Mark, iPhone user…


When I first contacted this Company, I got a great feeling that they would get the job done. Compared to others, they provided me assistance, and foremost they took the time to give me suggestions. Few hours later, they emailed me a quote, which was the cheapest, quickest, and more detailed than any other.

I made my decision right on the spot, and they provided me the best technology service I’ve ever had during my 15 years as an attorney.

Thank you Secure Solutions!

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Secure Solutions, we don’t only solve problems. We create Solutions!

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