From contracting our free consultation service, through designing and implementing your entire business Network, Secure Solutions is unbeatable in price, uptime management, and most importantly security.


Secure Solutions (Double S) has decided to focus mainly on the small business market, as these businesses typically do not have a full-time IT person, but have full-time IT needs.
No matter how much your business is willing to spend in Network services, we’ll always find a solution to meet your business needs. Contact us today and get a free quote.

Uptime Management:

Nothing is more stressful than working in a busy environment while not getting the IT services you’re paying for. At Secure Solutions, the line is never busy.
Our emergency support team works in a separate environment, which means you’ll always find a certified Technician upfront if emergency arise; from emergency preparedness to full resolution with no downtime.


According to National Cyber Security Alliance, one in five small businesses falls victim to cybercrime each year. And of those, some 60 percent go out of business within six months after an attack occurs.
Of course, not every small business is equally likely to fall prey to cybercrime. Hackers do not generally discriminate by company type, value, or any other characteristic of the business itself. Instead, they look for one simple thing: vulnerability.
Most businesses assume hackers would need to pick their business out of 27 million others, not realizing that the attacks are automated and focused on discovering vulnerabilities.
With the latest intrusion detection techniques, DMZ, and 24/7 monitoring software, your network is almost impossible to be hacked.

Call Secure Solutions today and see how your entire Network can be totally isolated in the Internet.

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