Implementing a home network service can create peace in your home; One person can play video games in the living room while someone else works in the study- without anyone having to fight over the Internet connection.

Home networking will allow you to seamlessly integrated your computers, laptops, printers, smart-phones and tablets. If you have more than one computer and more than one user in your home, odds are you would benefit from our Home Network services. Imagine being at work, and logging into your home computer to print an important memo, or what if your kids could access their homework (that they left at home) from any school computer? These days installing a network can be done one of three ways, wired or wireless, or both. Secure Solutions will come out to your house for free to consult with you. We will help you pick a Networking solution that works best for you.


Secure Solutions on call Home Networking Services
Free Home Network selection advice.
Secure Home Network installation and setup.
Free Smartphone and Tablet integration with your Home Network, even after six months of installation.
Troubleshooting and upgrades if needed.
On Call Home Network Repair .
File, Printer, Scanner and Fax Networking with free training provided.

Home Network integration with your entertainment system.
We will completely and integrate your TV, DVD players, xbox, Roku, remote control and Home theater into your network. Secure Solutions certified On Call technicians will give your house a State of the Art facility upgrade. Networks offer endless possibilities, we can help you pick out the solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Parental Controls.
In this dangerous Internet world, every parent needs a peace of mind when it comes to educating their children while keeping them safe online.
Parental controls can help parents monitor every single device connected to the Home network. It also provides parents to restrict certain inappropriate websites from being accessed 24/7 or at parents specified time.
Lastly, Secure Solutions can install an undetectable and invisible software that will provide Parents email alert, which can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

At Secure Solutions, your Home network is entirely Secure, and your family is safe online. 

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